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Your First Visit

Your first visit at Bader PT will include a comprehensive muscle, joint and soft tissue examination by a licensed Physical Therapist.  There will be one therapist in charge of your case.  Know that we have a team approach and you will be scheduled with your evaluating PT and also their assistant (PTA) during your care. Your average time for each therapy session at Bader PT is 40 minutes, sometimes slightly longer. Please plan your schedule and assistance needs (e.g., rides, sitters, etc.) accordingly. Dress in comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement and for us to access and treat the targeted area easily. At any time you have questions we encourage you to ask or speak to anyone on the Bader PT rehab team. Here are some helpful tips when calling to book your first visit with us.

Please have answers to the following questions ready.

    • What is the name of your insurance company?
    • What is your ID number?
    • Do you have a secondary insurance? If so, who do you have and what is your ID number?
    • Is this appointment a follow up to a surgery? If so, who is your surgeon?
    • Is your injury related to a work or a car accident?

Direct Access is permitted in the state of Maine.  This allows you to go to physical therapy without a doctor’s referral.  Please call to ask if you’re insurance has any requirements per your policy.  In Maine you have the freedom to choose your physical therapist, you do not have to be directed or told where receive your physical therapy services.


For your convenience, we have creaded a PDF document of the four most important forms you will need. Please enter your email in the accompanying form to receive your new-patient paperwork. You can view, save, as well as print the packet so that you can fill out the appropriate forms. Here’s what’s in the packet:

  • New Patient Information Form
  • Patient Payment Agreement Form
  • Medication List
  • Medicare / Maincare Policy

On the day of your visit, there may be additional paperwork.

We promise not to bother you with pointles emails, and we will never share your personal information with anyone.


Check in to your appointment

Complete new-patient paperwork

Meet your therapist

The healing process begins


As a courtesy service we will verify your current insurance benefit. Insurance deductibles, copays, co-insurance and out of pocket are patient responsibilities and outlined in your insurance contract. These designated amounts set by your insurance are not able to be changed by BaderPT. Our Patient Representative is available to answer your insurance questions and establish payment options that can ease your payment responsibility over time. We also offer Care Credit as a form of payment (see below). You can ask any of our offices for further information.

We accept Care Credit for payments. Call us for details, or click here.

FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes) is an assessment tool that Bader PT chooses to use to use as a marker on predicting the speed and effectiveness on your rehab care.  Your PT can use this information in developing an individual Plan of Care to meet your needs. FOTO allows Bader PT to compare our outcomes (your therapy results) with other patients nationwide with your diagnosis.  Our FOTO reports are telling us that Bader PT is above the expectations of the national markers and averages in effective and efficient rehab care. Click on this link for more information regarding FOTO and client care.

The BADER PT HOTLINE NUMBER is available M – F, 9 – 4:30 at (207) 461-7278. This number is available to use for questions by current and potential patients.


Preset amount set by insurance company that must be paid by patient prior to insurance picking up payment responsibility.
Preset amount set by insurance company that is due at each date of service.
Preset percentage set by insurance company of patient responsibility and insurance responsibility. Example: 80/20% in this case insurance would pay 80% of the contracted amount and patient would pay the remaining 20% of the contracted amount.
Preset amount set by insurance company that puts a limit of amount of money clients will be responsible for paying prior to insurance covering at 100% of the contracted amount.
Accounts set up that allow the client to use pre-taxed money for medical expenses. Talk to your employer or financial broker if you are eligible for a HSA.
This is a policy in addition to your primary insurance coverage that will help cover a portion or all of your financial responsibility of your primary insurance. Let our front desk know if you have additional insurance beyond your primary coverage at time of setting your initial evaluation.
RBPT does have a self-pay option if you do not have insurance or choose not to use your insurance. Call us for details.
Zirmed-Auto Payment

Tired of forgetting to pay your bill? Bader Physical Therapy now offers a secure auto payment through Zirmed. Call our Norway location (207-743-5493) today to set it and forget it.


Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield
Harvard Pilgrim
Medicare Advantage
Martin’s Point
Maine Community Options
Marketplace Health Insurance
UMR – call for specifications of plan
United Health Care
VA of Veterans Choice
Champ VA

If you do not see your insurance listed, call to check if we have added to our Preferred Provider list. Many insurances have IN and OUT OF NETWORK BENEFITS available as options. Always give RBPT a call to discuss how your insurance product compares in pricing and patient responsibility.


Worker’s Compensation
Motor Vehicle (MVA)
Self-Pay Options

Ask us a question

If you have a physical therapy or rehabilitation question, we want to hear from you.

Whether you are a current a patient, considering using our services, or just plain curious, please send us your questions, and one of our friendly and knowldgeable staff members will respond promtly.

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