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Feel The Burn, Love The Burn!

Ever wonder why you appreciate some people in your life more than others? I want you to think of someone in your life you respect, who leads by example, who maybe goes above and beyond just giving you an answer but explains WHY they act or conduct themselves the way...

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What Does Your Front Seat Say About You?

With 80% of Americans experiencing some kind of back pain in their life and it being the leading cause of disability in America (NIHL) it’s no surprise we are all feeling the effects. As 4th of July festivities approach and you spend more time driving for family...

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Back Pain Driving a Wedge Between You & Your Golf Game?

With Father’s Day fast approaching and beautiful weather making an appearance it’s not surprising golf courses are seeing more and more traffic. With increased golfing and some good-natured competition between friends and family you want to putt you best foot forward....

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